The life of a robot named Steve by Mr Snad man

Part 1

Steve wakes up, his clock ringing. He quickly slams the clock onto the ground feeling annoyed by the noise it made. He climbs out of bed and walks to the bathroom to start his daily routine. his idiot brother George comes around the corner, the first sight of him made Steves day a little worse. Steve heard he got married to a stupid slutty milf girl if it wasnt already bad enough.

George says something retarded on how Steve should come to a party on the marriage between him and his stupid and slutty milf wife, Steve says no and George was sad. Steve actually talked to George his wife once, she is a total bitch. Once finished Steve leaves for work, his job is boring and repetitive. Once done doing stupid shit in the office, Steve heads to the supermarket to buy food and shit like that. Once home Steve turns on the tv and watches the news. Then a thought comes into Steves mind about the time he raped George. Steve thought "Maybe i should rape him again." he agrees with himself and walks up to his idiot brother. He pins George down and starts raping him until he couldnt no more, he walks aways in silence as George was still laying there soaked in blood piss shit and cum. Afterwards Steve comes downstairs to cook diner, his meal being fries and a cheeseburger he made on his own. Suddenly his phone rings, its a anonymous one so he doesnt know who. He answers, its Twoot he needs Steve for special purposes and tell him to meet him somewhere. once Steve arrives at the location he sees Twoot standing there waiting for him, he walks up to Twoot he starts talking about how George his wife is secretly robot and how shes gonna blow up in the party, Steve was first happy to hear this but then his expression changed to a "OH NO" when he heard him say that Loli Roberta and The Wanderer where coming to the party aswell...

Part 2: The Party

Once Steve arrives, Steve's idiot brother George welcomes him with open arms. Steve walks in and instantly takes a hit from the loudness of the music blasting from the speakers. The moment he sees George's wife he walks up to her and starts talking.

Once finished Steve says to meet him a bit before the end of the party in the back. Steve walks to the bar and asks for a alcoholic drink, suddenly the bartender says: "I know why you are here". Steve: "wait what?" Bartender: "You are here to stop George's wife." Steve: "Yes." Bartender: "I'm here to cover you just so you know".

2 hours later

Before the end of the party. Steve meets with George's wife. (lets call her GW for short) GW: "So what did you wanna talk about?" Steve points a gun at GW and says: "You."

To be continued

Inspired by Steve's happy day.

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